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Playdar - the Music Content Resolver

Playdar Demos

Here are some things that use Playdar. The search and hAudio demos are hosted on and aren't very sexy. The other demos are separate websites, and are much nicer.

Search Search Demo

Simple search interface that displays all results after polling completes.

hAudio Microformats hAudio Demo

Simple demo that shows the built-in hAudio parsing from playdar.js. Imagine the ugly red/green boxes were sexy buttons.

Playlick by James Wheare

Playlist player that can import playlists from, XSPF, podcasts. Also imports album listings and can generate a playlist by combining two profiles.

Player.Playlick by James Wheare

A web-based Playdar player that imports your library.

Spiffdar by Steve Gravell

Spiffdar allows you to view and resolve XSPF playlists using Playdar. Has a handy list of top genre playlists from webservices.

Playgrub by Toby Padilla

A bookmarklet for various sites that makes it easy to turn webpages into playlists, then send them to Playlick or Spiffdar.

Greasemonkey Scripts

To inject playdar play buttons into existing websites:

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