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You can use the Playdar Mailing List to reach the community, or contact Richard Jones ( directly with any enquiries.

"Ultimate jukebox is next step in net music"
Playdar's success may be measured not only by take-up of the software, but by the reaction it provokes - New Scientist
"A Messiah for Streaming Music"
As streaming music competitors Rdio, MOG and Spotify race to launch in the US, Playdar may be the advantage they need -
"Playdar is the most interesting thing I've seen or heard in the music sector in a long time"
This could be a powerful foundational platform technology for the music web - Fred Wilson
"Playdar can save music services cash"
An obscure sharable playlist file format called XSPF has led to the development of Playdar, a “music content resolver service” from co-founder Richard Jones with implications for everything from how much Pandora and Spotify have to pay record labels and how fans share music with each other -
"Jones has a track record in changing the digital music coding landscape"
This disruptive technology is, in theory, very positive for streaming music services as it holds the promise of saving them money. Even with the new per minima streaming rates outlined earlier this year by PRS for Music, streaming music services are burning through licence fees at a staggering rate -