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Playdar - the Music Content Resolver

Playdar Source Code

Check the network graph on Github to see the contributors.

Compiling Playdar

Playdar compiles and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. It's primarily tested on Linux and Mac at the moment, but a proper installer for Windows, and packages for Mac and Linux will be created soon.
To compile, you'll need: Compiling and running should be as simple as
$ make
$ make scanner
$ cp etc/playdar.conf.example etc/playdar.conf
$ $EDITOR etc/playdar.conf
$ ./playdarctl start-debug
You can manually run the command from the ctl script on Windows, or just use cygwin.

Open another terminal to the playdar source dir, and scan your collection:
./playdarctl scan /path/to/music
(Check the terminal playdar is running in to see scanner output)
Once the scan finishes, you can check how many files it indexed like so:
./playdarctl numfiles

Check http://localhost:60210/ and you should see Playdar running on your machine.
Also, try the demos and Playlick (a webapp using playdar).

TODO: Better instructions, binary packages.


Visit the irc channel (Freenode, #playdar) or mailinglist and say hi.
We would be glad to help you get started.

Legacy Code

Older code that is no longer in use, or requires updates to work with newer versions of Playdar.